Những xu hướng du lịch sẽ nở rộ trong năm 2018

Mỗi năm, con người ta lại tìm ra cho mình một hướng đi mới và du lịch, nghỉ dưỡng cũng vậy. Năm 2018 này được cho là thời gian bùng nổ của khá nhiều xu hướng du lịch mới mà chúng ta sẽ cùng khám phá ngay sau đây. Du lịch xanh Trong cuộc sống quá nhiều khói bụi ô nhiễm như hiện nay, con người ta không còn muốn đến những nơi xa hoa sang trọng thêm nữa mà lui về chốn rừng xanh, biển đảo để có thể gần gũi với thiên nhiên. Các tour du lịch thân thiện với môi trường cũngRead More →

Every time something like this happens in my head after traveling to Europe, which is very difficult to describe in less detail, but I really want it to stay with you longer. And usually enough for about a week or two. That’s why, as yet fresh, I decided to start my travel notes about the recent yacht voyage Amsterdam-Gdansk not from the usual descriptions and road photos, but with something more abstract. But not less important, as it seems to me. Travel, as an occasion to ponder. Do not chase after the checkmarks in the list of attractions, and the ability to sneak into the windows of anRead More →

At 7km from Siem Reap is the center of the once flourishing Khmer Empire recognized as a world heritage site – the Angkor complex. Since the IX cc. and for six centuries was the most powerful center of the civilization of South-East Asia, located on 3 thousand square kilometers, which is comparable to modern Los Angeles. Five hundred years ago, it collapsed, the jungle began to fill the space, the inhabitants it was left. Why? A great mystery for scientists. There are many stone temples left, and the rest of the structures are of a non-religious nature, incl. The royal monasteries, built from ordinary materials, did not survive until now. In theRead More →

It all started in the summer of 2011, a very good friend of mine told me about an unusual place in the North Urals – the Manh Pupu-Noor Plateau and the mysterious boobies. He also said that it would be necessary to walk … a lot of walking … Footnote: The Man-Pupu-Ner plateau is a unique miracle of nature, giant stone idols located in the inaccessible area of ​​the Northern Urals on the territory of the Komi Republic. Formed at selective weathering of rocks. Plateau Manpupuner is a popular objectsports tourism. In 2008, the columns of weathering on the plateau of Manpupuner took the 5th place in the contest “7 WondersRead More →

Tallinn – like an old and long-studied long and wide known friend. It seems that you know him for a hundred years, have studied all his habits and characteristics, you can guess in advance what he will say and how he will react to what you have said. And he fully justifies all your expectations, says, reacts, laughs, sad … And suddenly – rrrraz! – and wrack you with an unexpected phrase, a smirk, a sudden laughter through tears or a tear at the moment of unrestrained fun. So is Tallinn. You crave yourself, you wander through the long familiar street, you peer through the windows and walls many times,Read More →