Manpupunor or how we went to visit the Mansi spirits along the ridge of the Northern Urals

It all started in the summer of 2011, a very good friend of mine told me about an unusual place in the North Urals – the Manh Pupu-Noor Plateau and the mysterious boobies. He also said that it would be necessary to walk … a lot of walking …

Footnote: The Man-Pupu-Ner plateau is a unique miracle of nature, giant stone idols located in the inaccessible area of ​​the Northern Urals on the territory of the Komi Republic. Formed at selective weathering of rocks. Plateau Manpupuner is a popular objectsports tourism. In 2008, the columns of weathering on the plateau of Manpupuner took the 5th place in the contest “7 Wonders of Russia” and the 1st place among the wonders of the North-Western Federal District.


In the summer of 2012, the camps began: groups (we had a team of solyanka from Perm and Izhevsk residents) , the purchase of products, sublimates, sweets and nuts. We agreed with the delivery of our group to the starting point of the hiking route with a ZIL car from Ivdel, bought tickets for the train and went on the road!

The first day passed through the forests full of mushrooms, but the next began the mountain scenery.
The first stop is the Djatlov Pass (there will be a separate post about it),


where, in a special “Tourist Book”, we left our autographs and went to the main goal of our expedition – “TO BUY!”.


and blueberries, blueberries, blueberries … at each stop – you fall on the hob and collect, collect …)


On the way to the plateau we were 5 days there and 5 days back, the weather was happy (thanks to the spirits!)
one of the evenings, before spending the night,


we spent on the plateau about 5 hours, arranged a festive dinner (each of the expedition members brought with a delicious – we ate red caviar, pineapples and figs with dates), plenty of pictures, climbed the “Shaman” and the happy went to the base camp on the river Pecora.



My impressions of the campaign: I could not imagine that it would be so hard for my office-plankton organism … my legs are strong, but here the weight of the backpack pressed down to the ground thoroughly … there were even thoughts to get off the route while there is a possibility …

I have to say , it was our husband and I (thanks to him for his support and patience), the first hike) I think the next five years we are unlikely to decide to repeat such a feat.

The route chosen by us is not optimal, if today I was asked how to get to the plateau of Manpupuner better (and lose as much effort as possible), I would advise going along the route from Ust-Ljaga – only 1.5 days on foot to the plateau in one side, plus small radial outlets (at the same time you will go to Toreporeiz – the view from there, it is said to be stunning) can still be by helicopter from Nyrob, Krasnovishersk, but this is for the busy ones – you will spend 1.5-2 hours on the plateau, but for one the day will be.

Results of the expedition: 1300 km of highway, 330 km of unpaved roads with crossing of rivers to ZIL, 220 km of pedestrian section. New friends, new impressions, new plans!