Unraveled mystery of Old Tallinn

Tallinn – like an old and long-studied long and wide known friend. It seems that you know him for a hundred years, have studied all his habits and characteristics, you can guess in advance what he will say and how he will react to what you have said. And he fully justifies all your expectations, says, reacts, laughs, sad … And suddenly – rrrraz! – and wrack you with an unexpected phrase, a smirk, a sudden laughter through tears or a tear at the moment of unrestrained fun. So is Tallinn. You crave yourself, you wander through the long familiar street, you peer through the windows and walls many times, even through the sneakers you feel the unchangeable stones of the stone blocks with your feet and suddenly – one time!– And you turn to an unexpected, completely unfamiliar street with completely different houses, walls and stelinkas on the windows. And suddenly you recognize an old acquaintance from an entirely different angle. And still you understand that this is only a new face of something familiar and native, only a new corner of beloved Old Tallinn.


This time we arrived in the town by sea. Before the ferry, there was a sleepless night in a bus to Helsinki and a couple of hours in the Finnish capital, which were remembered only by packets and newspapers floating in the wind, drunk-sleepy Finns at the entrance to McDonald’s and a smoky fountain in the old railway station.


And then there were three hours of water, salty wind and multi-deck decks of the ferry Helsinki-Tallinn. And the crowds of well-fed gulls, which at times allowed themselves very close to themselves and even allowed themselves to be drawn into a short, non-binding conversation.


Familiar outlines of houses, spiers and fortress walls appeared from afar and came very slowly, as if afraid of rapid rapprochement and preferring to start to show off and let yourself be appreciated from a respectful distance.

But in the end the ferry docked in the port, from which it was only a stone’s throw away to the heart of the Estonian capital – the old city – and finally Tallinn stopped hiding behind the water-smoothness and unapproachable walls and let us into our entrails through the most important entrance.fc479eLife in the old city is slow and measured. At the appointed time, bells ring in the numerous ancient temples, in the allotted hour all the various craft workshops, galleries and souvenir shops are opened, as by the hour tourists hurry to occupy their crown seats on the terraces of street cafes.


And the locals have their own, well-organized schedule, and that’s understandable – after all, try to ride the time with your three Dobermanns! 😉

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But closer to the evening the heat subsides and the city wakes up, shakes off its drowsiness as if not to the place growing spider’s web and begins to live – quickly and brightly – as if trying to recoup for the missed daytime hours. Without stopping, the signs are torn, calling to the audience, aimlessly staggering along the streets! Will you dine out? ”


But do not be deceived and blindly believe in its coldness and severity. It’s enough just to look closely, just to look into the glowing eyes of his windows – and then you will feel the warmth and the light lurking somewhere inside, beyond the walls of the old stone and the beams from the time-battered beam … This luminous heart of Tallinn, kept under a reliable cover – An unassailable mystery, which is so easy to solve.