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About us

Shooow.Me – a social network where you can communicate with people close to the spirit. Vote for your favorite posts and influence what readers will see on the main page of the magazine. Comment and add favorites to your favorite posts.


Show the whole world through the eyes of ordinary people.


The name Shooow.Me is a slightly modified combination of the words Show Me, which in English means “Show Me!” This phrase is laid in the basis of the idea of ​​the project – to show people the world the way it is right now.


The magazine Shooow.Me has its own talisman – an alien Chupi, who flew to Earth from the planet Horten. More information about him can be found in Chupi’s account of himself .


Thank you

Many thanks to all those who help to create this magazine. To all the people who read the magazine, because without you all this would not make sense. Thank you!

Especially I want to highlight some people who make a huge contribution to the development of the journal. This is Daniel ( DanieldeMont ) and Natasha ( tata ).
Many thanks to Artem Chebokh ( Rhads ), the creator of our talisman – Chupi.

Join us!

At the moment, Shooow.Me is open for registration. Join us. Let’s show this world together!